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Ultraman Mebius Character Classics

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- Release Date: 
End of 05/2021
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The suit that appeared in the TV work "Ultraman" is reproduced with a realistic orientation ! Ultraman Mebius Character Classics is now availalbe !

The iconic Ultraman from the TV series gets a new Character Classics figure release from Kaiyodo! The original superman was made by the prototype designer "Kinoshita Takashi", and he supervised the coloring and production process throughout!

■ Product specifications
Painted finished product
Height: Approx. 330mm
- レジンキャスト(本体)
- ポリストーン(ベース)
- マグネット
- 台座ピン(ステンレス)
- 使用電池 LR41 1.5V 2個

原型製作: 小澤正
造形総指揮: 木下隆志

* Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.


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