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Tribe Flash Drive 32GB - Harry Potter - Harry Potter

Harry Potter USB Flash Drives

In 1997, the first book of a saga was published, destined to enter the hearts of millions of people. Starring Harry Potter, an 11-year-old boy who lived with his uncles an anything but welcoming environment and with somewhat dubious prospects for the future. But one day Harry discovers he is a magician, and not just an ordinary wizard. That moment changes his life, and also ours: so begins a long and adventurous journey made of discoveries, friendships, struggles between good and evil, and above all, magic. Some of us grew up with him, others are discovering him only now, and these are the tech accessories that every true addict must have!

A scar on the forehead that emerges from slightly rebellious brown tufts, and unmistakable round glasses: here is the most beloved wizard in the world! Tribe portrays him in his Hogwarts uniform and the Gryffindor scarf, just as we knew him at the beginning of his incredible story. A 32GB USB stick Voldemort proof!

Harry Potter USB Flash Drive Series
1. Tribe Flash Drive 32 GB - Harry Potter - Ron Weasley

2. Tribe Flash Drive 32 GB - Harry Potter - Hermione Granger
3. Tribe Flash Drive 32 GB - Harry Potter - Albus Dumbledore

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