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- Release Date09/2021

TAMASHII BOX "ONE PIECE" Vol.1 is now available !

The new brand "TAMASHII BOX" is now available with specifications that make it easy to collect those figures that became popular in 2017!

"TAMASHII BOX" is a BOX type collection toy brand that condenses the essence of TAMASHII NATIONS's "modeling", "structure" and "coloring" technology with all its soul. With the same modeling power of Figuarts ZERO, it can be resized and easily arranged on a desk!With different package designs for each lineup, it's super easy to choose your favorite items and complete them!

■ Product specifications
Height: Approx. 48-180mm
Material: PVC, ABS

■ Set contents
- Body
Sanji and Frankie come with a pedestal

■ Vol.1 Line Up (All 5 types)
- 莫奇·D·路飛 (Vol.1) Monkey · D · Luffy (Vol.1)
- 妮歌·魯賓 Nico Robin
- 東尼東尼·喬巴 (Vol.1) Tony Tony Chopper (Vol.1)
- 山治 Sanji
- 芬奇 Franky

TAMASHII BOX "ONE PIECE" Vol.2 (sold separately)
* Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.


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