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Sumikko Gurashi Sweat Handbag Shopping Tote Bag

A cute miscellaneous goods appeared from Kogurashi which was popular among girls with a loose taste and a warm hearted illustration. 

Easy to use sweat tote bag. 
As a sub-bag for excursions and commuting, school attendance, handy mini tote bag. Begin your lunch box, convenient size that you can use various sub-bags and so on. The contents can be hidden with the top zipper. 

What is suimokogurashi ... 
The subtitle "This is calm." 
Character of San - X. 
Yuri Yokomizo, a designer belonging to the Design Office of San-X's Production Headquarters, is the author. 

It is a character made on the theme of Japanese people's feeling like "a corner" in 2012, and when Yokomizo is a student, graffiti drawn in the corner of the note during class is the basis of the character. 

Targeting Japanese who tend to prefer corner seats in the cafe or corner of the room = "Sumiko", characterize animals and things. 
The characters that appear are largely classified as "main" and "minakuko". 
Slightly unique and unique "Sumiko", such as shyness "Shirokuma", eaten "Tonkatsu", shy "cat". 
Is the main character Shirokuma, Penguin? , Cat, pork cutlet, ridiculous.

About H230 x W 375x D140mm
Material / component: Polyester
Designed in Japan

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