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Scratch Map Rose Gold Edition Romantic Travel Gift (82.5 x 59.4cm)

You can scratch away your travels on Platinum foil, gold foil, silver foil, and now you can scratch ROSE GOLD foil.

Flamingos, watermelon, strawberry jam – all the best things are pink. And whilst the Scratch Map Rose Gold Edition might not be quite the neon tropical end of the spectrum, we much prefer our Scratch Maps to have a subtle, sophisticated aesthetic.

Speaking of sophisticated, the Scratch Map Rose Gold is our first ever map to feature a marble effect. Off-set by the pastel based underlay colours, once you start scratching, you’ll be treated to baby blues, lilacs, and peach. With shimmering rose gold ink and marble flourishes, it’s a beautiful and elegant showpiece for your home or office.

Scratch Map Rose Gold Edition is a high quality wall map with a top foil layer. Why? So you can record everywhere you’ve visited and reveal a vibrant wealth of color and detail below.

  • Capital Cities
  • Materials: paper, laminate, coloured foil
  • Made in UK
  • National and state border detail
  • World map with removable foil layer
  • Premium rose gold and marble finish
  • 82.5 x 59.4 cm (Large Size, Offers incredibly intricate geographical details) 

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