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Paper Theater LED Light Up Display Case

Here's a perfectly sized plastic display case for your "paper theater" creations! Just place the paper theater (sold separately) inside to keep it safe from dust and other dirt, and to show it off wonderfully! This display case comes with LEDs in three colours (green, red, and blue), which will light up your paper creation in different lighting patterns! 

- Requires three AAA batteries, not included.
- Paper Theater is sold separately.
Material: Main body / ABS, Cover / PS, Sheet / PP 
- Completed size of paper theater entering this product: 80 x 100 x 42 mm 

How to use the light-up case
1. Insert the battery 
Remove the lid on the back of the main unit , insert the three AAA batteries in the correct orientation and play the lid. 
2. Place a plastic sheet on the front of the set body and place the completed "paper theater". Carefully cover it, stand up like the photo above. 
3. Changeover switch is "ON / OFF is switched by button" method. 
Repeated lighting and extinguing each time the switch on the side of the body is pressed once, since it expresses 9 patterns of lighting with 3 color LEDs, 
please choose your favorite color and pattern.
【Green】 → OFF → 【Blue】 → OFF → 【Red】 → OFF → 【Green + Blue】 → OFF → 【Blue + Red】 → OFF → 【Red + Green】 → OFF → 
【3 colors】 → OFF → 【 Three color gradation / Fast →】 OFF → 【3 color gradation / slowly】 → OFF → (back to the beginning) 

Release Date: 2016
Item Size/Weight: 12.0cm x 10.0cm x 7.5cm / 180g
Manufacturer: Ensky, Japan


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