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NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] "Mashin Hero Wataru 2" Shinsei Jakomaru

- Release Date 05/2021

NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] "Mashin Hero Wataru 2" Shinsei Jakomaru is now available !

From "Mashin Hero Wataru 2", a new star, Jakomaru, who was born after a miraculous reincarnation with Shoryuko, appears in NXEDGE STYLE!

The characteristic tiger-shaped head, voluminous wings and tail are reproduced according to the image in the play. It can be transformed into a fierce tiger form and realizes high play value.

■ Product specifications
Height: Approx. 90mm
Material: PVC, ABS

■ Set contents
- Body
- Tiger Sword
- A set of replacement parts for formidable tiger form
- Replacement wrist left and right
- Dedicated STAGE set


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