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Metal Robot Spirits (Ka signature) -SIDE MS- Z Gundam

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- Release Date
End of 06/2021
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Metal Robot Spirits (Ka signature) -SIDE MS- Z Gundam is now available !

Introducing the variable specification Z Gundam that uses die casting in a size of about 140 mm in the Ka signature series completely supervised by Mr. Hajime Katoki!

The main character "Z Gundam" of "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" is now available from Ka signature! Equipped with proportions arranged by Mr. Hajime Katoki and a transformation gimmick to a wave rider. Die-casting is used for a part of each joint to achieve both texture and strength in addition to a feeling of weight. Landing gear parts are also included, and the parked state can be reproduced by replacing.

■ Product specifications
Height: Approx. 140mm
Material: PVC, ABS, die-cast

■ Set contents
- 本体
- 交換用手首左右各4種
- 交換用アンテナ2種(閉/可動)
- ハイパー・メガ・ランチャー
- ビーム・ライフル
- ビーム・サーベル柄×2
- ビーム・サーベル用刃×2
- ビーム・サーベル用刃(大)
- ハイパー・メガ・ランチャー接続ジョイント
- 専用ジョイント一式
- 専用台座一式
- ランディング・ギアパーツ一式

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