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Lago Scratch Light DIY Custom Design Art Lamp


Turn Your Scratch Art into a Dazzling Lamp

It is time to let go of those boring lamps that are most common in your office, local cafe, freshman's dormitory room, furniture display room, and the list goes on. This new era is all about personalities and challenges, and we brought you a new kind of lamp that will fulfill your creativity. We created a lamp that will perfectly fit places where your footsteps lead, where you draw attention to, where you take a rest, and just about everywhere you want to be!

One of our greatest goals of this Scratch Light is to break the boundaries of impossibility. Electric lamps are commonly used in household, but it is difficult to differentiate them from others. That is why we designed Scratch Light to reflect the unique life styles of every user.

Not an Artist?

Not talented? Scared of blank paper? Don't worry we got your back. Just like Scratch Coloring Night View series, it comes with beautiful Eiffel Tower outline. All you need to do is to scratch along the gray outline to unveil the beauty hidden in the darkness!

Step by Step:

1. Use the scratch pen to scratch along the gray outline of Eiffel Tower Shade, just like our common Night View series.
2. Assemble the Scratch light: Plug the shade holder into the base, and place the bulb into the base socket.
3. Bend the scratched shade into a cylinder shape and join both ends together. Insert the shade into the holder at the base.
4. Place the other holder on top of the shade.
5. Warp the protective film and insert it into the holders and cover the shade below.
6. Plug in the light and turn it on. 

1. Lago Scratch Light Set
(Paris Eiffel Film x1, Scratch Pen x1, Base, Shade Holder x2, Wire & On/Off Switch, Protective Film x1)
2. Bulb x1


Light Size: 144 x 144 x 320mm
Weight: 0.35kg
Film Size: 470 x 260mm

Other Options (Can be purchased as add-on): 

1. Blank Film (Order Separately) : 

The Blank one is for creator, artist, children, and anyone with an urge to scratch and create. If you want to unleash your creativity or engrave personal messages for your beloved as a gift, use the blank film and make one-of-a-kind art (a.k.a. lamp).

2. Spain Barcelona Sagrada Familia Night View Fireworks Film (Sell Separately)
3. Paris Eiffel Tower Nightview Fireworks Film (Sell Separately)
4. Scratch Pen Set - 3pc (Sell Separately)

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