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Kirby of the Stars 星之卡比 Moving Diorama Acrylic Stand (Seesaw (Kirby & Waddle Dee) / Whispy Woods (Kirby & Gordo) / Swing (Kirby & Scarfi))

- Release Date: End of 04/2022

Ensky is going to release 3 new acrylic stands of "Kirby of the Stars"!

These arcrylic stands can be easily build to become moving diorama!

■ Product Specification
- Size after completion (approx.)
   - Seesaw (Kirby & Waddle Dee): H 57 × W 95 mm
   - Whispy Woods (Kirby & Gordo): H 90 × W 62 mm
   - Swing (Kirby & Scarfi): H 63 × W 70 mm
- Material: acrylic

 Line Up
- Seesaw (Kirby & Waddle Dee)
- Whispy Woods (Kirby & Gordo)
- Swing (Kirby & Scarfi)

©Nintendo HAL Laboratory, Inc.

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