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Herocross HMF#310 Gotham City Set (Batman vs Joker)

HMF#026 Batman - Official Licensed Product
- Light up Bat-Signal (Able to project the Bat emblem)
- Batarang, Grapnel Gun and Electric Gun
- 2 Interchangeable faces (One with eyes and one with light up Bat-Sonar lenses)
- 7 Interchangeable Hands
- Height: ~15cm
- Weight: ~175g for the figure with accessories / ~180g for the Bat-signal

HMF#046 Joker - Official Licensed Product
- 6 pcs of exchangeable hands,
- 1 bazooka
- 1 automatic pistol
- 1 knife
- Weight: ~240g
- Height: ~14cm

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