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Herocross HMF#067 Disney Toy Story Woody Action Figure

In Toy Story, Woody is the leader of Andy’s toys gang, leading them through numerous adventures. He is loyal to his friends and would risk his own life to protect them from dangers. Appearing in three successful animated movies and with a fourth to come, Woody’s is probably the most popular character in Pixar’s animated movies alongside with Buzz.

Conforming to the new HMF 2.0 Die-Cast metal body, HMF#067 Woody is more pose-able, featuring more points of articulation, such as pectoral joints, as well as greater range of movement present in the leg joints allowing the legs to rotate forwards and backwards with ease. 

Product Includes:

• 4 Sets of Interchangeable Hands (L/R)
• 3 Sets of Interchangeable Expressions (each with adjustable eyeballs)
• Detachable Cowboy Hat
• Lenny the Binoculars
• Toy Box House
• Game Controller
• Pixar Ball

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