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Herocross HMF#042 Disney Winnie the Pooh Action Figure

HMF#042 Winnie the Pooh - One of the most classic character from Disney joined HEROCROSS, he is Winnie The Pooh!
He is an anthropomorphic overweight teddy bear who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood inside a tree. HEROCROSS made him into a Hybrid Metal Figuration:HMF#042 Winnie The Pooh comes with hybrid metal body with 33 joints of articulation so he can enjoy the honey in different ways. With these joints of articulation and exchangeable hands he can plays with his friend piglet in different action poses as well. HEROCROSS also designed a magnet body and hands for holding the honey firm and safe.
- Weight: 150g

- Heigh: 13cm

- 33 joints of articulation

- 4 x Exchangeable hands

- 2 x Honey pot

- 1 x Honey

- 1 x Piglet

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