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Herocross MHMF#302 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Set Action Figures

The Mini series of Half-Shell Heroes have arrived at HEROCROSS! 

Mini heroes with green body and jumping around at night, who are they? Kung Fu frogs? "We're not Kung Fu frogs, we're Ninja Turtles!" -Raphael

These fantastic 3-inch die-cast figures are perfect size for your collection and a perfect display piece on the desk or car of any TMNT fan!

This box set including: MHMF#06 Leonardo, MHMF#07 Raphael, MHMF#08 Michelangelo and MHMF#09 Donatello. Features a fully posable body with 14 points of articulation that gives the figuration great mobility, and comes with unique accessories which represented the character ! 

Height: ~ 9cm

Product includes:

Leonardo: 2 x Katana Swords
Raphael: 2 x Sai
Michelangelo: 2 x Nunchucks
Donatello: 1 x Bo-staff

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