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Herocross HMF#023S Alien vs Predator The Alien Limited Edition Action Figure

HMF#023S The Alien Limited Edition (Worldwide 1000pcs only) comes with numeric certificate from 001-1000.

One of the most elegant monster designs of all time was the original Alien, you can also call it Xenomorphs! It has been around us for over 30 years now since 1979. We have added some new elements on this creature, at the same time we keep its traditional design. The main part of the body is made by Hybrid Metal and it has 30 joints, so it could acquire any prey without problem! Adult Alien will also use its pitch black carapace to its advantage, lurking in the shadows whilst waiting for prey to stray too close. This unique black carapace is made of Plastic and Metal, these materials make the carapace looks more natural and enhances the layer to a higher level. To make the Alien as detail as we could, we used the transparent PVC to create the salvia. We have also added some hidden feature, the second mouth “Inner jaw”! If you would like to see the Inner Jaw attack, just simply press the hidden button!

Facehugger is included as well. Facehugger typically lie dormant in eggs until they sense the movement of a possible host, at which point they hatch. They attack by attaching themselves to a host's face and implanting them with an alien parasite, using a tube which is inserted into the host's mouth. 

Product Includes:

- PVC Saliva
- Mechanically Shoot out Inner Jaw 
- 4 Interchangeable hands


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