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Herocross HMF#019S Star Wars Sand Trooper Sergeant Action Figure

Hybrid Metal Figuration #019S is licensed by Lucasfilm, designed and manufactured in house at Herocross. With similar styling to the HMF#005 Storm trooper, it is best displayed in squad formation. The torso and limbs are constructed of metal alloy, and include 20 movable joints to facilitate for various poses. Our HMF#019 line-up comes with 6 removable hands, with the HMF#019S being equipped with RT-97C Heavy blaster, E-11 backpack and a unique backpack (different from 019 & 019C).

Licensed by Lucasfilm
Designed and manufactured by Herocross

Product Includes:
Metal alloy constructed torso and limbs
Includes 20 wide-range motion joints
6 interchangeable hands
RT-97C Heavy blaster, E-11 blaster & unique backpack

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