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Ghibli Porcelain Music Box Collection


Please enjoy the solid feeling and the sound of the music box that will also be the interior of your house ♪

Line up : 

1. Kiki's delivery service - Jiji and Radio (天師/吉吉與收音機)
Size: Approx. H18×W10.5×D10.5cm
Song :「やさしさに包まれたなら」
(C)1989 Eiko Kadono - Studio Ghibli - N

2. Totoro - Large Totoro (大龍貓)
Size: Approx. H21.5×W12×D13.5cm
Song :「となりのトトロ」
(C) Studio Ghibli

3. Porco Rosso - Trench Coat Porco Rosso (風衣版飛天紅豬俠)
Size: Approx. 22.5×W11.5×D10.5cm
Song :「時には昔のはなしを」
(C) Studio Ghibli

4. Porco Rosso - Airplane Clothes Porco Rosso (飛行衣版飛天紅豬俠)
Size: Approx. 21×W11×D10.5cm
Song :「さくらんぼの実るころ」
(C) Studio Ghibli

Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.

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