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Ghibli Flocking Keychain Collection


Fashionable flocking key chain !

Flocking keychain can be attached to bags and pouches.

A keychain with a gentle atmosphere, Ghibli's world view is perfect if you attach it with other characters.

1. Large Totoro
Size : Approx. H4×W3×D3.2cm

2. Medium Totoro
Size : Approx. H3.8×W2.6×D3cm

3. Small Totoro
Size : Approx. H3.2×W2×D2.6cm

4. Cat Bus
Size : Approx. H2.5×W4×D6.5cm

5. Jiji
Size : Approx. H4.5×W1.7×D2.1cm

6. Ponya
Size : Approx. H2.2×W2.4×D3.5cm

Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.

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