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Figure-rise Standard KAMEN RIDER RYUKI

 - Release Date04/2021

"Kamen Rider Ryuki" appears as the 11th work of the project to make all the main characters of Heisei Kamen Rider into plastic models!

- The silver part is expressed with an extra finish.
- The opening of the head slit is realized by ultra-thin molding. The compound eye under the slit is a clear red part, and the characteristic mask is thoroughly reproduced.
- Five Advent cards made of PET material are included. The upper part of the drag visor slides forward and you can load the Advent card.
- A handle for the card is attached, and the loading image can be reproduced.
- Dragredder with a total length of about 630 mm is included.
- [Sword Vent] and [Guard Vent] can be reproduced by using some parts of the drag redder. [Strike Vent] pursues the atmosphere when worn and creates special drag claw parts.
- The movable joints and the pedestal for the drag redder make it possible to display the scene in the play.

■ Product Specifications
Dragredder Length: Approx. 630 mm
Package Size : 31 x 20 x 11 cm

■ Set Contents
- ドラグレッダー×1式
- ドラグクロー×1
- 手首パーツ 決め手(右)、 カード持ち手(右)、握り手(左右)、武器持ち手(左右)、平手(左右)
- アドベントカード×5種
- ドラグレッダー用台座×2
- Figure-rise Effect 台座×1
- ホイルシール×1


* Some specifications may be changed in the actual product.

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