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Figure-rise Standard Amplified SET (WarGreymon, Imperialdramon, MetalGarurumon)

- Release Date03/2021

From the popular anime "Digimon", WarGreymon, Imperialdramon and MetalGarurumon, is now available as an AMPLIFIED arranged plastic model! 

- Parts division that can be satisfied only by assembling by molding color composition that extends to six colors.
- The drummon killers on both arms are removable and can be attached together on one arm.
- Brave shield adopts a structure that deploys like a wing. Furthermore it is possible to remove and change to the arm.
- 3 mm hole for expansion further amplifies the possibility as a plastic model (AMPLIFIED).

- Cooperation with official designer Kenji Watanabe.
- "Fighter mode" and "Dragon mode" can be reproduced by replacing and expanding and contracting each part.
- Reproduce the coloring just by assembling.
- Comes with a special weapon, Positron Laser.

- You can experience a highly satisfying combination by dividing parts that pay attention to details including color coding.
- Gimmicks of each part boasting overwhelming range of motion, it is possible to produce the characteristic posing of Metal Garurumon.
- The torso flexibly moves, reproducing a beast-like posture.
- The base of the forefoot is widely movable and poses naturally.
- Natural opening and closing of the jaw is achieved by sliding the upper jaw downward when opening.
- A new armed form is realized with joint parts. The Special Moves effect is included with clear parts.
- Propose original infinite ways to enjoy the plastic model, such as the gimmick of the beam wing.
- Combining with the attached action base allows for more dynamic poses.

■ Product Specifications
- Package Size: Approx. 31 x 20 x 13 cm (Each Digimon)
Plastic Models

■ Set Contents (Set of 3 Digimon)

- Foil Sticker
- Manual

- Positron laser
- Foil Sticker

- Foil Sticker
- Action base

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