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Figuarts ZERO [EXTRA BATTLE] Kozuki Oden "ONE PIECE"

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- Release DateEnd of 06/2021
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Kozuki Oden is now available in the "Super Fierce Battle -EXTRA BATTLE-" series with flashy effects and dynamic poses !

"Kozuki Oden" is now available from the figure-tsu ZERO "Super Battle -EXTRA BATTLE-" series! The points are the impactful effect using clear parts, the powerful expression, the delicate modeling of the swords "Ame-no-Hazan" and "Yama", and the dynamic pose. As with the previous series, the pedestal has an onomatopoeic sound of "Don!" And a design of the name, as well as an illustration of "Kozuki Oden", making it a vibrant design !

■ Product Specifications
Height: Approx. 300mm
Material: PVC, ABS

■ Set Contents
- Body (including effects)
- Stand

■ Also Available: 

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