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Coo'nuts Twisted Wonderland (Set of 20)

- Release Date03/2021

Coo’nuts Twisted Wonderland is now available!

A lineup of 24 types including 22 dormitory students and guide character Grimm! One of them is a secret !

There are many ways to enjoy it, such as spinning it around, decorating it in the room, and taking pictures!

■ Product Specifications
- Package Size: Approx. 20 x 17 x 16.5 cm 

■ Set Contents
- Set of 20
- Ramune candy x 20 pc

Line Up (All 24 types)
- Riddle Roseheart
- Ace Trappola
- Deuce spade
- Kate diamond
- Tray clover
- Leona Kings Color
- Ruggie Butch
- Jack Howl
- Azur Aschenglot
- Jade Reach
- Floyd Reach
- Karim Al Azim
- Jamil Viper
- Ville Shane Height
- Eper Fermier
- Luke Hunt
- Idea shroud
- Ort shroud
- Maleus Draconia
- Lilia van Rouge
- Sobek Jigbolt
- Silver
- Grimm
- secret

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