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CHOKORIN MASCOT - Cells at Work (Set of 6)

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- Pre-order Deadline13/02/2021
- Release Date
End of 07/2021
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From the anime series "Cells at Work" comes a selection of Chokorin mascots - an series of mini figures with a cute look, cute size and an original chibi design!

They are easy to collect and carry around with you allowing you to take photos with your favorite Cells at Work characters in all sorts of situations! Each comes with a little base that allows it to stand on display as well!

■ Product Specifications
Materials: PVC
Height:Approx. 50mm

■ Set Contents
- 6 types of figures

■ Lineup
- 紅血球 Erythrocyte / Red Blood Cell
- 白血球 Neutrophil
- 殺手T細胞 Killer T Cell
- B細胞 B Cell
- 一般細胞 Normal cell
- 血小板 Platelet

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