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3D Ultraman Tiga LED Light Eyes 80cm Figure Kaiyodo Art Master

The Garage-kit Spirit. - A Return to the Origin of Figure Making

At the center of KAIYODO is the insatiable desire to create. The collective of KAIYODO sculptors and creators understand that through this passion is how true mastery is achieved. The concept of KAIYODO Exclusive, is the garage-kit spirit: to move beyond the stereotypes of licenses and trends and look at the craftsmanship and passion embodied in each new creation. The criteria moving forward will not be the popularity of the subject matter, but the underlying value what is created.

“The minds eye” is an expression often used when trying to articulate the origin of the creative process when an artist works. However, with Takashi Kinoshita, the origin of the creative process occurs at an even deeper level: his soul. His works have often been referred to as “More real that real life.” After careful study of the subject matter, the theme is internalized and once work starts the original dimensions and proportions are disregarded. The only thing that maters is capturing the theme as it should be.

The Ultra heroes have evolved over time, each Ultraman having its own unique characteristics reflecting the trends of the time in which they were created. Takashi’s in depth knowledge and great respect for each rendition, makes him most capable of capturing the spirit of each version. This Ultraman Tiga most embodies the second generation of ULTRAMAN series. The use of comparison is the most effective way to define what is unique. In this way it is through his understanding that he is able to capture the qualities of each generation of Ultraman.

The soft-vinyl kit from the original release was 3D scanned and scaled to the size of Takashi’s debut statue “Hyper SOFBI Ultraman.” The enlarged prototype has been refined adding detail that can only be achieved on this super large scale.

The material used is a blow technique poly-resin. The eyes and color timer are back lit with LED lights, recreating the captivating image the original film icon.

Series: Ultraman
Item Size/Weight: 80cm
Manufacturer: GomoraKick KAIYODO International
MATERIAL: Poly-resin
Set contents: Main Figure

Additional Components: Remote-control unit, 
LED lighting for eyes and LED lighting and sound for the Color Timer

1. Expected release date is 31st Aug 2019
2. Please note this date is a rough estimate provided by the supplier, and it can CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.
3. We will do our best to update this date, but please understand it is beyond our control.

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