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Herocross - HMF#067R Woody 2.0

- Release Date: 06/2021

HEROCROSS design teams continue to improve and upgrade the “H.M.F. Series Woody”. With the enhanced “H.M.F. 2.0 WOODY”, apart from keeping the movable eyes, we have added an “angry face” option in the set of three changeable faces. This allows you to play with Woody’s different facial expressions seen in movie series. Moreover, the 3.0 upgraded metal alloy is used as the raw material to improve the flexibility of the joints. Being able to lengthening the thighs and calves helps improve Woody’s body proportion and makes him look taller and nice.

The most surprising element in this package set is definitely the Slinky Dog. His loyalty to Woody is unquestionable as he always supports Woody side by side in the film. Keeping the movie-authentic details, you can stretch the metal slinky to recreate the rescue mission scene in the film.

■ Product specifications
Material: Alloy, PVC, POM
Height: Approx. 15cm(Woody), 6cm(Slinky dog)

■ Set Content
- Facial expression x3
- Hands x 4 pairs
- Detachable Cowboy Hat x1
- Slinky Dog x1


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