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Herocross - HMF#081 Disney Lotso Action Figure

 “We're all just trash, waiting to be thrown away! That's all a toy is!" ~《Lotso》

Lotso used to be Daisy’s favorite toy. One day, Daisy have picnic with Lotso, but Daisy fall asleep and her parents forget about Lotso and leaving Lotso behind. Lotso did not wait for their return and travel back to home day by day, night by night. Eventually, Lotso found home but what he found was a heart breaking news… Daisy brought a Lotso replacement instead of finding him. Since that Lotso no longer believe in love, all toys are trash and waiting to be thrown.

- 1 set of facial expressions (sluggish)
- 1 stick (With magnetic)
- 1 Sparks

Product size: height 15cm
Product material: Hybrid metal, ASB, PVC
Release Date: 11/2019

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