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PROPLICA Crystal Star -Brilliant Color Edition-

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 - Release Date: End of 10/2020
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When it was launched in April 2015, it became a hot topic, and the "PROPLICA Crystal Star" continues to be loved and demanded by many people. It will be released with a luxurious glittering coloring using Swarovski® crystal and metallic pink paint.

A sparkling pink rhinestone with iris plating in the center and Swarovski® crystal in four colors surrounding it. Depending on the viewing angle and how light strikes, you can shine.

The pink part of the surface has been finished elegantly with a metallic coating that complements the sparkle of pink rhinestones and Swarovski® crystals.

■ Product Specifications
Diameter: Approx. 74 mm
Material: ABS, glass, etc.

■ Set Contents
・Main body
・Battery: LR44 x 3 (with test battery)


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