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Kumu Kumu Puzzle - Ghibli Totoro Collection


Kumukumu puzzle is a 3D puzzle that combines 3D puzzle pieces with various shapes.

After completion, you can break it up and play again, or decorate it as a room interior.

■ Product Specifications
- Material: PVC

■ Line up :

- KM-73: My Neighbor Totoro (大龍貓)
・Pieces: 25pcs, Size: Approx. 11cm

- KM-82: Cat Bus (貓巴士)
・Pieces: 18pcs, Size: Approx. 6cm

- KM-83: Rain Totoro (下雨天的龍貓)
・Pieces: 10pcs, Size: Approx. H70×W46×D44mm

- KM-84: Relax with mushrooms (於蘑菇上休息)
・Pieces: 11pcs, Size: Approx. H50×W51×D48mm

- KM-88: Acorn Totoro (橡果中的龍貓)
・Pieces: 14pcs, Size: Approx. 6cm

- KM-89: Susuwatari/ Kurosuke (煤炭屎鬼)
・Pieces: 11pcs, Size: Approx. 4.5cm

- KM-92: Small Totoro (小龍貓)
・Pieces: 9pcs, Size: Approx. 5.5cm

- KM-97: Medium Totoro (中龍貓)
・Pieces: 11pcs, Size: Approx. 5.5cm

© Studio Ghibli

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