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SHODO Pokemon 2 (Set of 5)

This is a posable action figure.

The second volume in the SHODO Pokemon action figure line-up is here!

Mimikyu is able to be posed in two different ways, with two different expressions! In addition to the main four figures in this line-up, there's also a fifth special inclusion that has extra parts for the featured Pokemon.

A piece of chewing gum is included with each action figure. 

・Greninja (甲賀忍蛙)
・Mimikyu (謎擬Q)
・Scizor (巨鉗螳螂)
・Metagross (巨金怪)
・Extra parts set (擴展套件)

Original: Pokemon
Shokugan, Shodo
Manufacturer: Bandai
Pre-order Deadline:
Release Date: 03/2020

Copyright Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku
Copyright Pokemon

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