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Nyaruto! Naruto Konoha no Yukai na Nyanko-tachi (Set of 8) (PVC Figure)

NARUTO 20th anniversary! Nyanko NARUTO series is born!
This year marks the 20th anniversary, and from Naruto, which is increasingly popular both domestically and internationally, cute items will be born.
All the popular NARUTO characters turn into Cats, and the village of Kinoha is covered with Nyanko!
The mascot has a cute size with a total length of around 30mm in the pocket, and each has a character sheet.
Experience a cute and cute world view.

Product composition: pre-painted figure + character sheet

Lineup (8 types)
(1) Naruto Uzumaki
(2) Uchiha Sasuke
(3) Haruno Sakura
(4) Hatake Kakashi
(5) Gaara
(6) Nara Shikamaru
(7) Iruka Umino
(8) Uchiha Itachi
This item is limited to 1 per household.
Set of 8.
There are 8 kinds of figure models.
Full length : approx 30mm.
Copyright Masashi Kishimoto Scott/Shueisha TV Tokyo/Pierrot
Item Size : 18.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 cm
Materials : ABS and PVC
Pre-order Deadline : 18/12/2019
Release Date : 04/2020
*Actual product may differ from photos.

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