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Soul of Chogokin GX-68 The King of Braves GaoGaiGar

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- Release Date: 09/2020 

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Finally long-awaited you guys! Here come the brave!
Soul of Chogokin"Brave King Gaogaigar"

Finally! Finally! ! "The King of Heroes Gao Geiger" appeared at Soul of Chogokin!
The largest point reproduction of the final fusion.

Of course the complete deformation in the Geiger from Gyareon, all reproducible coalescence process, including the coalescence of Geiger and three Gao machine.

Coalescence gimmick is to be able to reproduce the same sequence and the union scene of animation, equipped with a variety of mechanisms!

Alternatively, it is possible to reproduce the very best such as "Geiger of stealth drill equipped with state", the in the play.

■ Product Specifications
Height:Approx. 260mm

■ Set contents
・Body (Gyareon, Stealth Gao, Liner Gao, Dorirugao)
・Dividing driver
・Geiger exchange wrist left and right each three
・Geiger replacement for face parts
・Gaogaigar movable wrist (left and right)
・Wrist for Hell & Heaven
・Auxiliary for the pedestal set


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